A New Tool for Home Health Services

If you are in home health care providing

1. Medically required services – Medicare/Medicaid certified agency providing any of the following services:

a. Skilled Care
b. Home Health Aide
c. Medical Social Work
d. Physical Therapy
e. Occupational Therapy, or
f. Speech and Language Pathology

2. Non-Medical or Waiver Services – Personal Care, Homemaker services, or Residential Services .

ClinicTools® is your best companion. You can now create and manage patient’s health information (PHI) faster than ever before. Collaborating with any of your agency Nurse, Supervising Nurse, the Administrator or even the Para-professional assigned to provide daily care to a patient has never been easier. You can now open a new case, complete all necessary documentation and call your Supervising Nurse to review what you just did and provide valuable input before leaving the patient’s home. The days of moving charts around are over. If you going to admit a new patient for home care and you forget to pick up a copy of any of the OASIS instruments before leaving your office, don’t worry, a most recent copy is available within the ClinicTools® system.

ClinicTools® makes it convenient to download the most recent copy of

1. OASIS Instruments
2. Haven, and
3. Home Health Prospective Payment System (HH PPS) PC Pricer

ClinicTools® makes it easier to communicate with your field staff in real time. This system is equipped with on-going training necessary and required to help your staff do what they are hired to do effectively and efficiently. Some of the training available in ClinicTools® includes:

1. Understanding Medicare and Medicaid
2. Proper way to handle OASIS Instruments
3. Billing for services rendered

ClinicTools®, a user friendly Electronic Medical Record is developed by Dr. Henry I. Balogun – one of the leading consultants in healthcare.

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Developed for : Mental Health/Behavioral Health     Medical Center/Physician Offices    Home Health Services